Project Cargo Shipping

Höegh Autoliners is trusted by companies around the globe to safely handle high-value project cargo. Our world-class vessels are designed to transport goods of varying sizes and complexity with maximum efficiency.

project cargo
project cargo

Project Cargo Logistics

Höegh Autoliners specializes in the transportation of all types of project cargo, including construction and agricultural machinery, mining equipment, railcars, trucks, buses, and boats. We safely deliver close to 6 million cubic meters of high and heavy cargo annually, to over 3 thousand destinations worldwide.

Project cargo requires special care due to the large weight, size, and complexity of the items. With nearly a century-long presence in the industry, we offer the optimal handling methods and equipment to ensure secure and timely transportation of diverse cargo units.

Höegh Autoliners uses specialized rolltrailers that are designed to smoothly carry non-rolling cargo, ranging between 20 and 80 feet in size and up to 160 metric tonnes in weight. We have a modern fleet of vessels, fully optimized to accommodate the unique needs of project cargo. The vessels boast a 6.5-meter door height, 375 tonnes ramp capacity, and 5 liftable decks.

Our experienced team of cargo operations professionals will assess the most suitable methods and equipment to handle your project cargo as efficiently as possible. We take great pride in providing exceptional service standards, which is why we continuously maintain and develop our vessels and equipment.

Can project cargo be shipped internationally?

Yes - Höegh Autoliners delivers project cargo shipments all over the world. We have a global network of more than 3000 ports and a highly experienced international team to ensure a seamless shipping experience anytime, anywhere.

What is project cargo?

Project cargo is the domestic or international transportation of large, heavy, complex, or high-value pieces of equipment, including breakbulk shipments, that can move by land, sea, or air.

These shipments are most commonly done for large industrial projects, such as construction or engineering, and involve the transportation of various types of machinery, equipment, and their components.

What industries commonly use project cargo services?

  • Manufacturing (automotive manufacturing, aerospace industry, and industrial machinery)
  • Agriculture (farming equipment, tractors, harvesters, planting and cultivation machinery, livestock handling equipment)
  • Oil and gas (offshore drilling equipment, oil and gas processing facilities, pipeline components)
  • Mining (shipping mining equipment and machinery)
  • Engineering
  • Construction and infrastructure (heavy machinery, prefabricated structures, bridges, tunnels, dams, large-scale construction projects)
  • Power generation
  • Automotive (oversized vehicles and machinery, automotive manufacturing equipment)
  • Renewable energy (power plants, wind and solar energy projects, oil and gas exploration and production)
  • Aerospace and defence (aircraft components, military equipment, and vehicles)

Any industry that manufactures or uses extremely large or heavy pieces of equipment will rely on project cargo services for their specific transportation needs.

What are the challenges in handling project cargo?

  • Project cargo often involves extremely heavy and oversized or uniquely shaped units, making standard loading and transportation methods unsuitable. Only specialized equipment can be used to handle this type of cargo.
  • The complex nature of project cargo introduces various logistical challenges, such as navigating the size and weight limitations of roads, bridges, and other infrastructure, as well as ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and obtaining permits.
  • Extensive safety measures and insurance considerations must be done to reduce the risk of damage to high-value and often irreplaceable items.
  • Coordinating different modes of transportation in global shipping can lead to unforeseen delays. Projects with strict deadlines will expect timely delivery, despite the challenges involved.
  • No project cargos are identical to each other - their unique needs necessitate higher flexibility and customized solutions for packaging, loading, transporting, and unloading.

What equipment is used for transporting project cargo?

Höegh Autoliners handles a large variety of project cargo, thanks to our advanced fleet of equipment with the highest efficiency and flexibility capabilities. We use modern New Horizon RoRo vessels, designed optimally for loading high and heavy and breakbulk cargo. These vessels have built-in ramps with a 375-tonne capacity, liftable decks, and 6.5 meter height doors to allow units of various shapes and sizes to be rolled on and off the ship without any cranes.

To help the loading and unloading process, we also utilize various types of cargo-carrying equipment. Höegh Autoliners’ heavy-duty rolltrailers are capable of carrying project cargo up to 160 metric tonnes, within a range of 20 to 80 feet. Our specially designed Höegh bridge allows us to cater to extra-long or unusually shaped units, as it effectively extends the roll trailer capacity during loading and transportation.

How is risk managed in project cargo shipments?

We use a mix of precautions to minimize the risks of damage in project cargo shipments. Our state-of-the-art fleet of rolltrailers is engineered to easily roll cargo on board the vessel. This solution eliminates the need for crane lifting, significantly reducing the overall risk of damage.

Furthermore, we stow your cargo under the deck, so no seawater will be able to reach it during the transportation. This way, we not only protect the project cargo from unpredictable weather conditions but are also able to use more cost-effective packaging.

We treat each shipment on an individual basis, taking their unique needs and requirements into account. Our professional cargo operations team will make sure to find the safest and most efficient ways to transport your goods, using the most suitable handling equipment.

Ready to ship your cargo?

Whether you are shipping project cargo, domestically or internationally, our team is ready to assist you every step of the way. Trust us to handle your cargo with the utmost care and efficiency, ensuring a seamless shipping experience.