We are dedicated to providing excellent service to our clients and stakeholders. At the same time, the company ensures adherence to ethical business principles, environmental and community standards, as well as compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

Scorecard - 2022 performance

1 270 USD millionRevenue
447 USD millionEBITDA
314 USD millionProfit before tax

Prosperity improvement goals

  • Develop lasting relationships with customers sharing our business philosophy
  • Ensure financial resilience by management of financial leverage and risks
  • Optimise network and capacity to maximise available capacity while maintaining safe operations

Read more about our goals and targets on our strategy and governance page.

impact to a prosperous future

Our impact to a prosperous future

We are committed to sustaining the profitability of our operations and generating long-term value for our shareholders while also promoting prosperity for the planet and society. Our industry is subject to a range of external factors, such as changes in demand, regulatory requirements, and economic conditions. Being flexible and agile will enable us to timely adjust our operations and better position ourselves to prosper over the long term.

Our strategy is centred around continuous improvement, operational excellence, and strong customer relationships, which are essential for building resilience for the future.

Our commitment to prosperity includes a focus on transforming the customer experience through the provision of high-quality services, investment in greener revenue streams, creating a safe and inclusive workplace that fosters growth and development for our employees, promoting responsible business practices, forming relevant partnerships and alliances, and upholding responsible tax practices. By prioritizing these focus areas, we are confident that we can create a prosperous future for all stakeholders, including our company, the planet, and society.