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Höegh Autoliners hsip

05 March 2024

Höegh Autoliners secures significant Enova funding for two ammonia-powered vessels

Shipping company Höegh Autoliners ASA is making significant progress in its ambition to make the Aurora Class the world's first PCTC vessel to run on ammonia. Today, they have been granted almost USD 14 million (NOK 146 million) in Enova funding to use the alternative and sustainable fuel for two of their vessels.

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Olaf Tufte

16 February 2024

Together towards the Olympics – and beyond

It is a pleasure to announce that Höegh Autoliners will be sponsoring the Norwegian Rowing Federation. We will be supporting the athletes and the federation towards the Olympics and Paralympics in Paris this coming summer and will be onboard after the Games in France towards the 2028 Olympics.

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Dr. Mirjam Peters

22 January 2024

Andreas Enger further strengthens his management team 

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Mirjam Peters will take on a new role as Chief Customer Sustainability Officer in Höegh Autoliners from 1 May 2024. Mirjam will be part of the Executive leadership team and will be based in our office in Germany.

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Höegh Autoliners ship at night

17 January 2024

Höegh Autoliners signs new contract with major East Asian car producer

Höegh Autoliners ASA has signed a new contract with a major East Asian car producer for the transport of cars, mainly electronic vehicles (EVs), from Asia to Europe. The contract is valid for shipments until the end of 2028.

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life on Höegh Trooper

04 January 2024

A CHRISTMAS TO REMEMBER - My life on Höegh Trooper Week 4

Seafarers sure know how to throw a party! From very early in the morning on December 24 everyone was busy preparing sumptuos amounts of food and decorating the messroom. There was glitter, there were balloons, and there was even a photo booth, adorned with the logo of Höegh Trooper, so that everyone could have a postcard-like photo to send to family and friends. The ambience was merry and filled with laughter, even if the Christmas season without doubt is the hardest time of the year for the crew to be away from their loved ones.

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My life on Höegh Trooper Week 3

22 December 2023

A troubled heart. My life on Höegh Trooper Week 3

The engine is the steaming hot heart of the ship. After each brief visit to the engine room, I urgently need a cold shower, but the engineers seem unaffected by the heat: – It’s only 38 degrees today, says Harris, the second engineer. – In the Arabian Peninsula and the Middle East, the temperature can surpass 50 degrees. At times, it’s only possible to work at night. Harris has worked in engine rooms for 13 years and still feels he’s learning something new every day. – When we reach Singapore, we’re replacing a staybolt, for instance. It has been broken since Belgium. I’ve never replaced a staybolt before.

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RoRo shipping

21 December 2023

What is RoRo shipping?

Roro (roll-on-roll-off) is a term mostly used in shipping. Roro shipping is a safe and reliable way of transporting vehicles, mining equipment, trucks, buses, boats, and agricultural machinery overseas by sea. Unlike container shipping, roro vessels are designed to accommodate cars and rolling cargo by allowing them to be driven or towed on and off the boat using rolltrailers. These vessels have dedicated ramps and parking areas to facilitate the efficient loading and unloading of cargo. It is considered the safest and cheapest way of heavy equipment transportation due to the easiness of loading and unloading. The cost of roro transportation is usually cheaper than the cost of a single container. This makes roro shipping the preferred choice of transportation for a wide range of industries, from automotive, and mining, to construction.

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sustainable shipping

20 December 2023

Höegh Autoliners and VARO partner to accelerate Sustainable Shipping

(Oslo / Zug, 20 December 2023) VARO Energy and Höegh Autoliners, a leading global provider of ocean transportation solutions, today announced a strategic partnership aimed at advancing the decarbonisation of maritime sectors. This collaboration focuses on supplying 100% advanced biofuels for deep-sea transportation from Europe, underpinning both companies’ voluntary commitments to superior sustainability standards. This initiative showcases Höegh Autoliners as a frontrunner in the industry, paving the way for greener and more environmentally responsible shipping.

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Erika Fatland

14 December 2023

A HAPPY SHIP - My life on Höegh Trooper Week 2

Tamatave, Madagascar, was our first port of call. While strolling the dusty streets of this former French colony, I felt like a prisoner on the run. The crew didn’t have sufficient time to go ashore, but they spent their time in port wisely, bartering scrap metal and worn shoes for fruits and fresh fish with the locals.

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