High & Heavy and Breakbulk Shipping

Our vessels and specialized equipment ensure your out-of-gauge cargo's safe and efficient transportation.

brakbulk cargo

Breakbulk Transportation

At Höegh Autoliners, we are committed to providing exceptional services for the transportation of various types of cargo, including Breakbulk, and other out-of-gauge shipments. To cater to the unique requirements of such cargo, we rely on our modern and specialized rolltrailers. These innovative rolltrailers have been specifically designed to facilitate the smooth and secure transportation of heavy and/or lengthy goods.

Our extensive rolltrailer fleet incorporates a wide range of cargo-carrying equipment, ensuring that we can accommodate diverse cargo sizes. With options ranging from 20 to 80 feet in length and a remarkable capacity of up to 160 metric tons, we have the flexibility to handle your cargo with precision and efficiency. Whether you have bulky machinery, oversized equipment, or long industrial components, our rolltrailers are equipped to handle the challenge.

To transport higher breakbulk and project cargo, we designed a new Superlow rolltrailer.

  • 32 feet long (9.8m)
  • 2.8m wide
  • 0.47m high
  • 75MT payload

At Höegh Autoliners, we prioritize safety and reliability. Therefore, our rolltrailers undergo regular maintenance and inspections to guarantee that they always meet our high standards. Our commitment to ensuring safety is shown at every step of the transportation process, from loading to unloading, allowing you to have peace of mind knowing that your cargo is in capable hands.

Furthermore, we are dedicated to staying at the forefront of industry advancements. We continuously invest in the development and enhancement of our specialized equipment fleet to keep up with evolving cargo requirements. By leveraging the latest technological innovations and industry best practices, we provide you with the most efficient and secure transportation solutions for your out-of-gauge cargo.

When you choose Höegh Autoliners, you can trust that our experienced team and advanced rolltrailers will deliver your cargo safely, reliably, and on time. We are here to support your unique transportation needs and ensure a seamless experience throughout the entire journey.

Brakbulk cargo

Experienced personnel

Our cargo handling personnel are experienced professionals who ensure the safest and most cost-efficient transportation for your high, heavy, and out-of-gauge breakbulk cargo, regardless of its shape or form. To ensure that your cargo is transported safely without damage, we have developed procedures and best practices that include a comprehensive cargo quality programme. In addition, we have systems in place that enable us to continually improve our operations so that we can provide the best possible service to our customers at all times.

Breakbulk cargo

Vessels optimal for Breakbulk

Our fleet is flexible and modern. In 2015, we began taking delivery of the first vessel in a series of six New Horizon designs. These new vessels are optimal for loading high, heavy, and breakbulk cargo, with a ramp capacity of 375 tons, a 6.5-meter door height, and five out of fourteen decks that are liftable. You can learn more about the New Horizon vessel on our website.

What is an example of break bulk cargo?

Examples of breakbulk goods/cargo include including:

What is breakbulk shipping and how does it work?

Breakbulk (also known as break bulk or break bulk cargo) is an ocean shipping method used to transport or goods that don’t fit in standard-size shipping containers or cargo bins.

Instead of using containers, breakbulk cargo is loaded onto a vessel individually, piece by piece, or sometimes in smaller units such as crates, barrels, pallets, or bags. This type of cargo is typically too large, heavy, irregularly shaped, or fragile to be loaded and transported in standard containers.

What are the advantages of break bulk cargo?

  • The ability to transport bulky and heavy items that exceed container or cargo capacity. They can be sent without being taken apart. Our breakbulk ships are equipped with rolltrailers and other equipment like the Höegh bridge necessary to load and unload these oversized or heavy goods.
  • Time saved on disassembly and reassembly, ensuring quicker loading and offloading.
  • Access to smaller ports that would otherwise be incompatible with larger container ships or tankers.
  • Items don’t have to be combined into a single container, allowing for individual item shipments.
  • More affordable than container shipping (mainly because items don’t have to be broken down to fit containers).

Why ocean breakbulk is favored?

RO/RO (Roll On-Roll Off) is typically used when transporting breakbulk shipments.

This method is particularly chosen for the transportation of large and heavy breakbulk shipments as it helps to avoid various fees, including container rental, storage charges, additional labor costs, and equipment rental fees. RO/RO liner services also operate on a well-established and frequently scheduled timetable, reducing the likelihood of last-minute cancellations or delays. Heavy breakbulk cargo is securely fastened to specialized rolltrailers to prevent the need for lifting or dismantling. As a result, the cargo is smoothly rolled onto the deck of the vessel, considering its weight and width.

What is the difference between bulk and break bulk shipment?

There seems to be a lot of confusion between these two terms. In bulk shipment, goods are transported in large quantities in a loose form (without being packaged or containerized). These goods typically include liquids (e.g., oil, chemicals), dry commodities (e.g., grain, coal), or raw materials (e.g., ore, sand). They are loaded directly into the vessel's hold or specialized bulk containers.

What are the drawbacks to breakbulk shipping?

Breakbulk shipping tends to be more expensive. Breakbulk is more labor intensive for the stevedores and takes up more space.

What is break bulk vs. container shipping?

Break bulk and container shipping are two different methods of transporting goods by sea, each with its own characteristics and advantages.

Breakbulk shipping, also known as conventional shipping, is the traditional method of shipping goods by loading them individually onto a vessel. In break bulk shipping, cargo is not placed in standardized containers. Instead, it is loaded onto pallets, crates, drums, or other suitable packaging and then loaded onto the ship one piece at a time. This method is commonly used for oversized or irregularly shaped cargo that cannot fit into standard shipping containers. Break bulk cargo includes items like machinery, heavy equipment, vehicles, steel coils, timber, and other project cargo. Break bulk shipping can be more time-consuming and labor-intensive compared to container shipping, as each piece of cargo must be handled individually.

Container shipping is a modern and highly efficient method of transporting goods using standardized containers. Standard shipping containers come in various sizes, with the most common being 20-foot and 40-foot containers. These containers are designed to fit onto container ships, trucks, and trains, allowing for easy intermodal transportation.

Goods are loaded into these containers at the point of origin and sealed. The sealed containers are then loaded onto container ships. Containerization offers several advantages, including faster loading and unloading times, reduced risk of damage or theft, and improved cargo security. Container shipping is well-suited for a wide range of cargo types, including manufactured goods, consumer products, electronics, and even some perishable goods.

It is a more cost-effective and efficient method for transporting large volumes of goods over long distances, contributing to globalization and the growth of international trade.

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