Höegh Autoliners operates a fleet of owned and long-term chartered PCTCs, with a capacity ranging from 2,300 to 8,500 CEU. We have systematically worked on reducing emissions and improving our fleet for more than a decade, resulting in substantial carbon savings and emissions cuts that benefit both our customers and the environment.

We have achieved this progress through continuous investments in new technology and other vessel improvements. 28 out of our 34 owned vessels are registered under NIS. All six of Höegh Autoliners' Horizon-class vessels have received an A IMO CII rating and are 40% more efficient than standard PCTCs. All eight of our new Aurora-class vessels, set to be delivered in 2024, are contracted with the Norwegian flag and DNV class. Currently, the average age of our fleet is around 10 years. For a complete Fleet List, please refer to this link

VesselYear BuiltCargo capacityMax Deck HightMax Ramp Capacity
Alliance Fairfax20056000 ceu5.1 m150 mt
Alliance Norfolk20076000 ceu5.0 m150 mt
Alliance St. Louis20056500 ceu5.0 m150 mt
Höegh Asia20007850 ceu5.0 m150 mt
Höegh Bangkok20076500 ceu4.9 m100 mt
Höegh Beijing20104900 ceu45.3 m120 mt
Höegh Berlin20057850 ceu5.0 m150 mt
Höegh Chiba20056000 ceu5.1 m150 mt
Höegh Copenhagen20107850 ceu5.0 m150 mt
Höegh Detroit20067850 ceu5.0 m150 mt
Höegh Jacksonville20146500 ceu5.0 m150 mt
Höegh Jeddah20146500 ceu5.0 m150 mt
Höegh Kobe20066000 ceu5.1 m150 mt
Höegh London20087850 ceu5.0 m150 mt
Höegh Manila20075400 ceu5.1 m100 mt
Höegh New York20056500 ceu5.0 m150 mt
Höegh Osaka20005400 ceu5.1 m100 mt
Höegh Oslo20085400 ceu5.1 m100 mt
Höegh Seoul20047850 ceu5.0 m150 mt
Höegh Shanghai20077850 ceu5.0 m150 mt
Höegh St. Petersburg20097850 ceu5.0 m150 mt
Höegh Target20158500 ceu6.5 m375 mt
Höegh Tokyo20047850 ceu5.0 m150 mt
Höegh Tracer20168500 ceu6.5 m375 mt
Höegh Trader19987850 ceu5.0 m150 mt
Höegh Transporter19996500 ceu5.0 m150 mt
Höegh Trapper20168500 ceu6.5 m375 mt
Höegh Traveller20168500 ceu6.5 m375 mt
Höegh Trident19946500 ceu5.0 m150 mt
Höegh Trigger20158500 ceu6.5 m375 mt
Höegh Trooper19956500 ceu5.0 m150 mt
Höegh Trotter20168500 ceu6.5 m375 mt
Höegh Trove20006500 ceu5.0 m150 mt
Höegh Yokohama20005400 ceu5.0 m100 mt

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