Strategy & Governance

Our corporate purpose and development goals are aligned with the three core sustainability pillars; People, Planet and Prosperity, laying the foundation for our strategic priorities going forward.

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Strategy & Governance


  • Cultivate and invest in diverse agile teams who learn together, collaborate globally and drive bold transformation for our business, partners and customers
  • Promote the wellbeing of our people and local communities through relevant programmes and offers
  • Adopt digital tools to continually develop our shipping heritage and support efficient and safe operations
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Strategy & Governance


  • Cut carbon emissions by more than 30% from 2019 to 2030 and reach net zero by 2040
  • Partner with customers to create and grow the world’s greenest deep-sea shipping services
  • Raise the bar of asset life cycle management based on our responsible business philosophy.
Strategy & Governance


  • Develop lasting relationships with customers by sharing our business philosophy
  • Ensure financial resilience by management of financial leverage and risks
  • Optimise network and capacity to maximise available capacity while maintaining safe operations.

Our corporate sustainability governance framework

Our governance model is designed to ensure an integrated approach to how we build our strategy, make decisions and organize our work.

The board of directors is the governing body that approves the overall strategy of the Company and approves the investments needed to reach our targets and goals.

The responsibility for defining and implementing our ESG strategy and targets is governed by management.

The work with our ESG topics is placed within its corresponding departments, defined and prioritized within the boundaries of our four strategic priorities and is substantiated through our cross-departmental strategic projects.

Our strategic projects are owned and sponsored by a member of the management team, who is driving the project and is responsible for the final content presented to the management team and to the board. For further information on our governance framework, please refer to our Annual Reports.