Supply Chain Management

We manage logistics flows on behalf of our customers, automating manual and resource intensive activities.

We notice that many  manufacturers are spending long hours on administrating logistics activities and coordinating the many suppliers in a supply-chain. To minimize their work and reduce administration, we manage logistics flows on behalf of our customers, automating manual and resource intensive activities through the use of advanced technology solutions. This releases time for other tasks and increases efficiency.

When products move from origin to end destination they touch thousands of data-points in several IT systems. Through our systems, we integrate the flows of data between systems and actors in the supply chain, creating a better foundation for supervising and monitoring the product and information flow and if needed, acting on any deviations. 

Henrik Zander, Logistics and Supply Chain Manager says;

The problem many companies have is not that they lack information. The challenge is that the information sits in different systems and with multiple suppliers that do not speak to each other. We can integrate that information and bring transparency in the network, and from there reduce waste and increase efficiency.

 A selection of supply chain management services that we offer:

• Planning, coordination and execution of logistics flows
• Management of flows from factory yard to delivery to final destination
• Integrated transportation management
• Supplier management and performance reporting
• Management of information- and documentation- flow
• Supplier payment administration
• Claim handling and damage prevention
• Transport documentation creation
• Invoice control and supplier payments
• Performance measuring and reporting

Tailor-made Supply Chain Solutions

Höegh Autoliners provides tailor made supply chain solutions that meet the unique requirements of each and every customer. Working with us, you get the personal touch while enjoying the strengths of a global service supplier.

Supply Chain Development

Dedicated task-forces supporting customers in identifying and implementing efficiency-improvements