Supply Chain Development

Dedicated task-forces supporting customers in identifying and implementing efficiency-improvements

Höegh Autoliners engages in supply chain development initiatives where we, together with our customers, initiate improvement projects. We are confident that dedicated task forces, with representation from Höegh and the customer, working in a joint collaborative environment, brings the best results. Together, we evaluate and assess supply chain constraints and waste items, assess solutions and ideal state scenarios and define plans and actions for how to reach the desired state.

Höegh Autoliners engages in new projects in all continents, together with customers moving cars, trucks and heavy equipment. By taking advantage of our experience and knowledge of industry best-practices, leveraging our global resource network and analytical capabilities, we can, together with our customers, identify ideal solutions for moving cargo considering costs, lead times, inventory, environment and quality.

Example of projects/ studies we engage in:
• Entry to new markets: Scenario planning for entering/ delivering to a new market
• Supply Chain Bottleneck-studies/ Efficiency-improvement studies
• Process improvements
• Distribution network analysis, design and optimization

Supply Chain Management

Höegh Autoliners provides tailor made supply chain solutions that meet the unique requirements of each and every customer. Working with supply chain management (SCM) specialist Autotrans, we offer our customers a complete SCM package from factory to dealer.

Supply Chain Management

We manage logistics flows on behalf of our customers, automating manual and resource intensive activities.