Equipment Handling

Höegh Autoliners’ fleet of rolltrailers are specially designed for smooth and safe transportation of breakbulk and project cargo.

By rolling cargo on board the vessel, it reduces the risk of damage compared to lifting it. Furthermore, stowing your cargo under deck means no seawater will reach it during the transportation, so you can rely on less costly packing solutions.

We can transport almost any type of cargo and our professional cargo operations team will find the most suitable equipment and way of handling your cargo safely on board our vessels.

20 feet rolltrailer
Rolltrailer length: 6.10m    Rolltrailer width: 2.50m    Rolltrailer height: 0.60m    Max. cargo weight: 25MT  
30 feet rolltrailer 
Rolltrailer length: 9.20m  Rolltrailer width: 2.80m  Rolltrailer height: 0.90m    Max. cargo weight: 160MT 
32 feet Superlow rolltrailer 
Rolltrailer length: 9.80m  Rolltrailer width: 2.80m  Rolltrailer height: 0.47m  Max. cargo weight: 75MT
40 feet rolltrailer 
Rolltrailer length: 12.20m  Rolltrailer width: 2.60m  Rolltrailer height:
0.70m - 0.80m
(100 MT) 0.84m (120MT) 
Max. cargo weight: 100MT   and 120MT

** Can be made Double-wide upon request
62 feet Heavy-duty 
Rolltrailer length: 18.90m Rolltrailer width: 2.85m Rolltrailer height: 1.05m Max. cargo weight: 140MT
62, 72 and 80 feet rolltrailer 
Rolltrailer length: 18.90m - 22.00 m - 24.40m  Rolltrailer width:
2.55m - 2.80m
Rolltrailer height: 
0.85m - 
Max. cargo weight: 90MT -  100MT
Höegh Bridge 

With the use of the Höegh bridge we can easilytransfer the railcars from truck trailer they weretransported on to the railed rolltrailer. This processeliminates the need for crane lifting in both loadand discharge port, making the operation saferand less costly than with crane lifts.

For single trams up to 60 m, two or more railedrolltrailers are placed in front of each other andconnected with a Höegh bridge. Transfer from roadtruck to Extended rolltrailer is performed in thevessel’s cargo hold.