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High and Heavy and Breakbulk

High and Heavy and Breakbulk

Höegh Autoliners offers transportation for all types of cargo and is annually carrying close to 4 million cubic metres of high and heavy cargoes, including trucks, buses, boats, agricultural equipment and construction equipment to destinations worldwide.

For breakbulk, project and other out of gauge cargo we use our modern and specialised rolltrailers. The rolltrailers are specially designed for smooth and safe transportation of heavy and/or long breakbulk cargo.

Höegh Autoliners’ fleet of rolltrailers incorporates several different sizes of cargo carrying equipment, within a range of 20 to 80 feet and with a capacity of up to 160 metric tonnes. Our rolltrailers undergo routine maintenance and inspections to ensure that they are always up to our high standards.

Optimal vessel design

In 2015 we started to take delivery of the first vessel in a series of six, of the New Horizon design. The new vessels are optimal for loading high and heavy and breakbulk cargo, with their 375 tonnes ramp capacity, 6.5 meter door height and five out of fourteen decks that are liftable. You can read more about the new vessel type in the brochure below.

Out of Gauge Cargo

Is your piece of cargo wider or longer than the measurements of the rolltrailers? Not a problem! Your cargo can be lashed to the rolltrailer with overhang on the sides.

Rails for handling of Railcars/Tramways

The longer rolltrailers (62’, 72’, and 80’) are fitted with rails for easy and safe handling of railcars and tramways with bogies.


Rolltrailer  Rolltrailer Length  Rolltrailer Width  Max. Cargo Weight  Rails
20 feet 6.1 metres 2.50 metres 25 tonnes  
30 feet 9.2 metres 2.80 metres 160 tonnes  
32 feet - Super low 9.8 metres 2.80 metres 75 tonnes
40 feet 12.2 metres 2.60 metres 120 tonnes  
62 feet 18.9 metres 2.55 metres 100 tonnes Yes
72 feet 22.0 metres 2.80 metres 90 tonnes Yes
80 feet 24.4 metres 2.80 metres 90 tonnes Yes