Power Equipment

Power generation and distribution equipment is sophisticated high value cargo with large dimensions. Due to the sensitivity of this cargo, it is usually packed by the manufacturers or dedicated packing companies. When we transport the cargo it will first be safely lashed on to our rolltrailers and then to designated lashing points on deck.

Our Port Captains supervise the lashing of the cargo and will ensure that the manufacturer’s specific instructions as well as safety aspects are taken into consideration when securing the cargo.

By transporting cargo on our modern rolltrailers and securing it at the designated lashing points, we ensure that it is safely transported to its destination. For exceptionally wide cargo we have developed our unique Double-wide rolltrailer concept which involves two 40 feet rolltrailers positioned side-by-side, joined together by a coupling system. We have also developed our own twin gooseneck, ensuring the tugmaster has a firm hold of the rolltrailer at all times during the transport.