Our Services

Höegh Autoliners offer customers safe and secure ocean transportation of Roll on Roll off (RoRo) cargo such as cars, high and heavy machinery and breakbulk. At the core of our business are our deepsea trades, supported by shortsea services, terminal services and supply chain management.

Our product consists of a global network of 11 trades and loops serviced by our deep sea vessels. We also offer shortsea services in the Caribbean through Höegh Autoliners Shortsea Americas. Höegh Autoliners furthermore has investments in terminals and supply chain management and can deliver complete logistics solutions to our customers.

Cargo in our care will always be handled by professionals with experience from the industry and quality in focus. 

Ocean Transportation

Höegh Autoliners operate a global network of deep sea trades with Pure Car and Truck Carrier (PCTC) vessels. The deep sea trades are further supported by a shortsea services in the Caribbean, offering our customers a wide selection of ports. We ensure to provide the best possible service to our customers when transporting their cargo.