Unbeatable liner service secures transportation of critical breakbulk cargo

transportation of critical breakbulk cargo
DATE 22.10.2019

When critical equipment needed to be transported urgently from Mumbai for an infrastructure project in Ghana, OM Freight Forwarders chose Höegh Autoliners’ unbeatable direct liner service and experience in transporting breakbulk cargo.

Recently Höegh Autoliners India was presented an opportunity to transport equipment and track laying machines that would be used in the development of a rail network from Tema to Akosomba. The challenge posed was that the customer needed one hundred sensitive breakbulk units to be shipped urgently for a project deadline.

Unbeatable liner service

With the customer’s strict time constraints, Höegh Autoliners’ regular and direct liner service from India to Africa offered the most competitive transit time in the market. In addition, a fixed departure time meant the customer could plan and prepare their cargo for transportation in advance.

Captain Atuldutt Sharma, Breakbulk Sales Manager in India says;

With the equipment being an essential part of the project, the customer could not afford any delays. Höegh’s India to Africa service offered the best possible transit time of 25 days from Mumbai to Tema, which ensured the customer keep to their tight deadline.

Dependable equipment

Transporting sensitive equipment like this is a precise operational process that requires experienced personnel and dependable equipment.

The cargo handling team were put to the test when the shipment consisting of 100 breakbulk pieces of varying sizes and shapes, needed to be transported on the same vessel. Using Höegh’s diverse fleet of roll trailers, the team devised a plan to strategically place the 100 breakbulk units on 15 select rolltrailers. This ensured all units fit inside the vessel, and would reach the destination in time for the project

Vishal Joshi, OM Freight Forwarders says;

We were extremely pleased with Höegh’s professional team that provided a customised solution for our shipment. With the competitive transit time offered, and equipment provided on such short notice, Höegh ensured our critical cargo reached its destination on time.

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Safer with RoRo

Rolling the cargo on and off the vessel eliminates the need for crane lifts in both load and discharge ports. This reduces the risk of damage to the cargo and ensures a safer operation. Once inside the vessel, the rolltrailers are secured to designated lashing points under the deck, safeguarding the sensitive equipment from humidity or seawater.

Atuldutt continues;

Keeping to the customer’s deadline, the cargo was safely transported on board Höegh Amsterdam ready for its journey to Tema. These types of breakbulk shipments demonstrate how our dedicated Breakbulk Team around the world, in their quest for excellence offer our customers timely, reliable, safe, professional and cost effective services.

27 November 2019

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When a customer needed to transport six large multimedia filters from Jebel Ali for an offshore project in Singapore, they reached out to Höegh Autoliners. With its fast and reliable liner service from the Middle East to Asia, and experience in handling large breakbulk shipments, they knew they were in good hands.

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