Customised solution for offshore project

DATE 27.11.2019

Direct, reliable service

Ajish Venugopal, Sales Manager Dubai says,

Due to the timing of the project, the customer wanted a fast and reliable service. Our regular Middle East to Asia liner service has an average sailing of 13 days between Jebel Ali and Singapore, which proved the perfect fit for the project’s schedule.

Meticulous planning

Every breakbulk shipment is unique and the more complex ones require detailed planning. During the pre-shipment phase, the cargo handling team study drawings or photos of the cargo to determine the best and safest way to ship it.

Knut Erik Holte, Cargo Operations Manager says, “When looking at the drawings of the multimedia filters, we identified that the support legs might affect the method in which we transport the cargo. In dialogue with the customer, it was agreed we would visit the production site to measure the cargo and determine the best plan for its transportation.”

Customised solution

At the site, it was observed that the 32 000kg multimedia filters had four solid support legs attached on each end, reaching a total width of 4.65m. This meant that the units could not be placed directly on the 2.6m wide rolltrailers without having to do some sort of modification to ensure its stability.

Experience in handling these types of out-of-gauge cargo is critical, and it was clear that a customised solution was needed. Knut Erik went back to the drawing board to determine what type of equipment was needed to safely transport the six large units.

Höegh Autoliners has a fleet of 3300 rolltrailers, of varying lengths and capacity that are designed to safely transport a wide range of breakbulk cargo.

Knut Erik explains,

Given the dimensions of the cargo, It was decided to use the Double-wide rolltrailer concept for four of the units. The Double-wide rolltrailer concept is designed to transport wide cargo, and involves placing two 40 feet rolltrailers side by side and joining them by a coupling system. To ensure that all six units were transported on the same vessel, the remaining two units were placed on to a regular 40 feet rolltrailer, supported by steel beams underneath.

All six units were safely loaded on board Höegh Trapper in Jebel Ali, ready for the sea voyage to Singapore.

Finn Roden, Head of Sales in the Middle East says,

Together with our reliable service and professional, and customised cargo handling, the multimedia filters were transported in the fastest, safest and most efficient manner, to the satisfaction of the customer.

20 December 2019

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