Extensive breakbulk experience ensures successful shipment

DATE 03.07.2020

Challenge presented with cargo dimensions

The combination of the height and width of the cargo posed a challenge. With a width of 6.52m and standing at 4.46m tall, the cargo could not be placed on a regular rolltrailer, which has a height of 0.80m. This is due to the door height of the vessel having a limitation of 5.0m. The cargo handling team often face these types of challenges, and they immediately started to work with the customer to find the best possible solution for its transportation.

Meticulous planning

During the pre-shipment phase, the cargo handling team studied drawings of the cargo to determine the best and safest way to ship it. In close dialogue with the customer, the cargo packaging was reviewed and a safe shipping plan was presented.

Capt. Atuldutt Sharma, Breakbulk Sales Manager in India explains,

Over the years we have worked with customers to transport a wider range of breakbulk and project cargo. This has meant we have continuously developed our rolltrailer equipment to keep abreast of customer requests. To cater for tall breakbulk cargo we developed the Superlow rolltrailer. With a height of only 47cm, it has allowed us to transport higher cargo than before and has increased our service offering in the market.

RoRo ensures safety for sensitive cargo

Under careful supervision by the cargo handling team, the power turbine was placed on the Superlow rolltrailer and rolled on board the vessel. It was safely lashed underdeck, where it would be protected during its sea voyage to Europe.

Atuldutt continues,

An important element for the customer was ensuring the safety of the sensitive cargo. When stowing cargo in ventilated cargo holds on our RoRo vessels it protects it from elements such as seawater and humidity. This means it is kept safe and dry until it reaches the port of destination.

25 August 2020

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