Good planning to transport Breakbulk

13 March 2019

Direct liner service between India and the US, together with experience in transporting challenging breakbulk cargo awarded Höegh Autoliners the shipment of a Shore Crane with lifting capacity of 400MT and span length of 118m.

Direct, reliable service

The customer needed the cargo transported from the port of Ennore to Freeport and Höegh’s Middle East and India to Americas service was the perfect solution, ensuring a direct service with minimum transit time and savings in transportation cost.

Dependable equipment and operational experience

Due to its large dimensions, the crane was dismantled in to 51 static pieces for transportation. Transporting highly sensitive breakbulk cargo such as this, requires experienced personnel and flexible cargo handling equipment.

Atuldutt Sharma, Breakbulk Sales Manager in India says,

To support the customer in preparing their sensitive cargo for shipment, Höegh’s cargo handling team was involved already in the pre-shipment phase. This involved studying the packing and dimensions of the breakbulk units and finding the most suitable equipment to ensure full cargo optimisation on board the vessel.

Höegh Autoliners’ fleet of rolltrailers consist of various types and sizes to handle sensitive breakbulk cargo.

View the full fleet of handling equipment

Ensuring safe ocean transportation

The entire loading operation, including stuffing and lashing of each static unit on to the rolltrailers was supervised by Höegh’s Port Captain. Once inside the vessel, the 12 rolltrailers were positioned by an experienced team and lashed in accordance with a carefully calculated plan, all to guarantee a safe sea voyage.

Atuldutt says,

The successful shipment came down to the good collaboration between the customer and cargo handling team. The customer was satisfied with the safe, cost effective and customised solution that was provided to transport their breakbulk cargo safely to its final destination.