People with a passion for shipping are a core asset. Only with the best people onboard can we deliver the results that are expected of us.

Safety at Work

We have a responsibility to ensure that everyone working for Höegh Autoliners have a safe workplace to go to. Safety at sea is a cornerstone of our business and we have a long standing tradition of ensuring safety on board our vessels and general safety at sea. Every day our vessels plough through the waves of all major oceans to transport the goods of our customers. We must ensure that every crew member, vessel and piece of cargo reaches its destination, and to do this we have established a company culture where safety considerations underpin all activities of our global organisation.

Great Employer

We work hard to create a business environment where our employees can achieve their full potential and we  believe that by having an open and honest company culture, our people thrive and take pride in delivering to the highest industry standard. In Höegh Autoliners, we encourage two way and face-to-face communication, providing everyone with an opportunity to ask questions and have a voice in decision making. For those who have both a passion and a challenging spirit, we encourage career development and personal growth. It is vital for the organisation to attract and retain key talent.

Developing People

To deliver the best possible services we are dependent on having the best people onboard, being it on our vessels or in our offices. By giving our employees the opportunity to develop in their work throughout a long career we build a team with a strong skills-set and where continuous improvement becomes the norm. You can read more about how we work with developing our people in the Career Development section of our website. 


We value diversity and inclusion as we strive for global excellence and continuous improvement. Höegh Autoliners promotes equal opportunities in all locations and encourages continual learning and development for all employees. We work in a global environment and wish to have a culturally diverse staff to reflect that. Currently, people from 28 different nationalities are employed.  

Fair Business

Ethical Business Principles underpin all behavior in Fair Business conduct. We act in line with applicable laws, ethical, environmental and community norms.


We wish to contribute to the local community and work with organizations that support sustainable development.

Environmental Footprint

We take environmental factors into account when developing our services. We apply an organized approach to mitigate the undesired footprint.