We wish to contribute to the local community and work with organizations that support sustainable development.

As a part of a global industry we have to engage with a diverse set of stakeholder every day. Höegh Autoliners seeks to forge a positive relationship with stakeholders through appropriate management of their expectations and objectives.

We are both part of the local communities in the countries where we operate and a member of the international shipping community. In Höegh Autoliners we navigate our community involvement towards helping to raise awareness and knowledge about our industry, and ensuring that we act together to secure a sustainable future.

Working with Organisations

Höegh Autoliners works closely with a set of public institutions and private organizations in the industry and through local organizations and groups. The cooperation with stakeholder is vital to meet the aspirations of sustainable business conduct and a positive relationship is a prerequisite for success.

Trident Alliance

Höegh Autoliners is one of the founding members of the Trident Alliance; a coalition of shipping owners and operators who share a common interest in robust enforcement of maritime Sulphur regulations. The alliance also partners with other stakeholder groups, who share similar interest in robust enforcement.To learn more about the Trident Alliance please visit their website on

Fair Business

Ethical Business Principles underpin all behavior in Fair Business conduct. We act in line with applicable laws, ethical, environmental and community norms.


People with a passion for shipping are a core asset. Only with the best people onboard can we deliver the results that are expected of us.

Environmental Footprint

We take environmental factors into account when developing our services. We apply an organized approach to mitigate the undesired footprint.