Sustainable Business

Höegh Autoliners is committed to uphold a business model where we support the growing world trade through sustainable service offerings. We aim to contribute to sustainable development by operating as a socially responsible shipping company; actively integrating social and environmental concerns in our business operations.

As a patron of the UN Global Compact Action platform for sustainable ocean business, we are committed to conducting business in a safe, responsible and transparent manner. We have focused our sustainability activities in four main areas.

Höegh Autoliners support the ten principles of the Global Compact and we have incorporated this into how we work and behave and it is an integrated part of our culture. We aspire to create long-term success for our stakeholders and communities.

Creating a greener shipping industry requires collaboration. To support in this, we work with organisations that drive and support sustainable development initiatives.  

Getting to Zero Coalition

Höegh Autoliners is proud to be a signatory of the Call to Action for Shipping Decarbonisation. We believe that shipping must and can decarbonize fully by 2050, and we are taking concrete actions towards this goal.  But we cannot do it alone, we join 150+ industry leaders and organizations in a call to governments to take action and deliver the policies needed to make zero emission shipping a reality.

The Call to Action includes three demands to enable this: 
1) commit to decarbonising international shipping by 2050;         
2) support industrial scale zero emission shipping projects through national action;         
3) deliver policy measures that will make zero emission shipping the default choice by 2030
Learn more about the Getting to Zero Coalition

Clean Cargo 

Höegh Autoliners joined Clean Cargo, a business-to-business leadership initiative that involves major brands, cargo carriers, and freight forwarders dedicated to reducing the environmental impacts of global goods transportation and promoting responsible shipping. Members share a vision of a shipping industry that is a responsible part of sustainable supply chains and that supports clean oceans, healthy port communities, and global climate goals.  

Learn more about Clean Cargo

Trident Alliance 

Höegh Autoliners is one of the founding members of the Trident Alliance. The alliance is coalition of shipping owners and operators who share a common interest in robust enforcement of maritime Sulphur regulations. The alliance also collaborates with other stakeholder groups, who share similar interest in robust enforcement.  

Since 2014, the Trident Alliance has worked to build awareness of the need for robust and effective enforcement of marine sulphur regulations to protect public and environmental health, and maintain fair competition. 

Learn more about Trident Alliance 

Responsible Business Partner

As a responsible business partner, we are committed to conduct our business with utmost regard to ethical business principles and act in line with applicable laws, ethical, environmental and community norms.

Creating a safe and inclusive place to grow

In Höegh Autoliners, we believe a safe and inclusive working environment is essential to employee health, operational safety and employee engagement.

Protecting life below sea

Protecting life below sea is a priority for Höegh Autoliners. We actively work to reduce over board emissions to protect the ocean’s biodiversity and ecosystems.

Reducing our Environmental Footprint

In Höegh Autoliners, we strongly believe in taking responsibility for the environment in which we operate by taking measures to minimise our impact on the environment.