Career Development

We have a proud history of people developing successful and exciting careers within our company.

Whether you are looking to travel the world, to try challenges in new locations, to develop in your specialist role in your home location or to take on a general manager position, Höegh Autoliners can offer a workplace where you can develop your career.

Global Program

Höegh Autoliners has a global program where employees are offered the opportunity to work in offices outside their home country for a couple of years. We strongly believe that working outside your home market and trying on new tasks in a different culture is a good opportunity for self-development and to build a career.  

Leadership Development

With more than 400 employees in 20 different locations, we are dependent on our managers to lead and inspire their teams. If you become a manager in Höegh Autoliners you have the chance to take part in our internal Leadership Development programmes, with three different levels, one for the new managers, one for those who have been leaders for a while and a third level for top management.

Conferences and Workshops

We strongly believe in learning from sharing best-practises and that we create a stronger team when we meet each other. Cross-regional workshops and conferences are therefore regularly arranged within the various business areas that we operate. To ensure that we are in the forefront of what is happening, employees are also attending external conferences and exhibitions when relevant.

Maritime Trainee

The Maritime Trainee programme was launched in 2005 and the programme is managed by the Norwegian Shipowners' Association. Over a two year period, the trainees will attend six gatherings that take place at different locations around the world. Besides a broad introduction to the maritime industry, with a mixture of lectures, industry visits and workshops, the trainees will have a unique opportunity to develop and build a strong network with future leaders in the industry. Companies that participate in this programme are leading shipowners, classification societies, shipyards, law firms, banks, insurance and brokerage groups.

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