Teresa Lehovd – Rail Boom in the UAE and GCC

4 December 2015

During the Breakbulk Middle East conference in Abu Dhabi this October, our Head of Marketing Intelligence - Teresa Lehovd presented her view on the Rail Boom in the UAE and GCC.

As population increases globally, authorities are focusing on mass transportation systems rather than on individual transportation by car. Rail enables efficient transportation in congested cities and this is imperative with more than 50% of the global population living in urban areas and the trend of urbanization intensifying.

Rail projects are booming in essentially all regions; from Europe - where modernization of existing networks is the key focus, North America - traditionally a car-dominated market, through Asia - with China's mammoth railway projects at home and in the entire region, to Australia - where numerous light rail projects are both under construction and in planning.

In the Gulf Cooperating Council (GCC) countries the region’s first ever rail infrastructure is under development with a clear plan to attract more advanced industries. This is a way of broadening the GCC economies, and to move away from their dependence on one source of income - oil.

The investment in mega rail projects is planned to USD 250 billion in the GCC countries alone and this offers opportunities for many industry sectors, including deep sea RoRo.

In the video below, you can listen to Teresa’s full speech “Rail Boom in the UAE and GCC”, from the Breakbulk Middle East conference in October this year.