Horizon Terminal Services LLC launches new logo

13 August 2015

Horizon Terminal Services LLC (HTS), a wholly owned subsidiary of Höegh Autoliners Logistics AS launches their new logo.

The colours on the logo are the exact reproduction of the Norwegian flag colours and were chosen in recognition of the Company’s heritage.

The Horizon Terminal is the latest edition to Höegh Autoliners' portfolio of terminals and situated in the Port of Freeport, it holds an ideal location in the US Gulf, for deep sea as well as short sea shipments. Horizon Terminal Services LLC manages the terminal and contracts AmPorts and Red Hook Terminals to operate it.

Per Folkesson, President of Höegh Autoliners Inc says,

Port Freeport shared the same vision as us seeing the potential a vehicle terminal could have in the region. Key is of course the infrastructure, which is very good in Freeport, and capacity. The current development of phase 1 and 2 has an annual throughput capacity of about 135.000 vehicles while the expansion depending on future demand can be built out for another 500.000 vehicles annual throughput. Thus the capacity potential is significant. Beyond these two factors, we operate 24/7 in a non-TWIC environment, we have put in place a sheltered delivery infrastructure which gives the market a kind of VIP treatment delivering products to the terminal and we are currently working with the port, planning a new and improved rail infrastructure on the terminal.


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