Customised solution for out-of-gauge unit

21 September 2016

How do you transport a 24 metre-long and 93.5 Metric Tonne Ammonia converter from Sweden to Malaysia? With a customised RoRo solution using modified equipment and in-depth planning.

Höegh Autoliners in cooperation with our agents, Esteph in Denmark were recently asked to transport a 24 metre-long and 93.5 Metric Tonne Ammonia Converter from Sweden to Malaysia. The first challenge presented however, was that the out-of-gauge cargo was too heavy for our standard 80-foot roll trailers which have a limit of 90 Metric Tonnes.

Roll trailer

The second challenge faced was that we did not have a direct sailing from Sweden to Malaysia. However, with our global trade network we had the possibility, with a well planned and executed transhipment operation, to ship the unit to its final destination without jeopardising the quality. The converter was securely lashed on to the rolltrailer, requiring no lifting during the entire transhipment process.

Geir Paulsen, Segment Operation Manager says, “Experience is critical, and it was clear that a customised solution was needed to get the unit on board. Höegh customised a rolltrailer with special bogie (wheel) set up and reinforced loading platform for better weight distribution.  This was done in cooperation with our experienced breakbulk team, together with Seacom, the manufacturer of the rolltrailer.”

The solution to modify the equipment was presented to the customer by our experienced agent Esteph who specialise in the breakbulk segment.


Oskar Orstadius, Global Segment Account Manager says,

This project required innovative thinking at every stage, as well as a team of experienced personnel to handle the cargo. With the support of our supplier and customer, the modified solution made it possible to safely handle and deliver the cargo all the way from Sweden to Malaysia. A shipment like this is a great example of why we established a global and dedicated breakbulk team, where experience and quality really do matter.