Change in port agent in Mexico

13 August 2015

As of 1 September 2015, Höegh Autoliners will change port agency from Navemar to Altamaritima.

Due to port agency change the last ship handled by Navemar will be Höegh Singapore voy. 46/47 with ETA Veracruz - 24.08.2015.

The first ship to be handled by Altamaritima will be  Höegh Beijing voy. 39/40 ETA Veracruz - 09.09.2015. From this time, Navemar will no longer be involved in any Höegh related matters.


Altamaritima Contact Details

Altamaritima, S.A. de C.V.

5 de Mayo 967 Desp 102, Zona Centro, CP 91700, Veracruz, Veracruz, Mexico

Contact: Alfonso Blanca - Port Agent for Höegh ships, cargo release at Veracruz


Mobile: +52 1(229) 330 7013

Nextel Id: 32*7*55135

Phone: +52 (229) 938 7454


Höegh Mexico City Contact Details (effective 1 September 2015)

Höegh Autoliners Mexico City

"Plaza Carso" Polanco - Piso No.12 - Business Center IZA

Calle Lago Zurich #219, Col. Ampliacion Granada, Delegacion Miguel Hidalgo, Cuidad de Mexico, D.F.

C.P. 11529


Head of Area Latin America

Tomasz Lis


Mobile: +52 (55) 4422-0115 (Mexico)

Mobile: +1 (904) 521-61-41 (USA)

Phone: +52 (55) 4124-0070 (Mexico Office)


Sales Manager

Antonio Gonzalez


Mobile: +52 (55) 2731-1666

Phone: +52 (55) 4124-0071


Customer Service (*Temporary assistance from US Office)

Mary Exterkamp



Höegh Autoliners Veracruz Contact Details

Höegh Autoliners Veracruz (Office remains in the same premises)

Gutierrez Zamora #395, 4to Piso, Col. Centro de Veracruz, CP 91700, Veracruz, Veracruz


Head of Port and Cargo Operations

Ulises Hernandez


Mobile: +52 (229) 306-2303

Phone: +52 (229) 142-9410/11


Port and Cargo Operations Assistant

Carlos Renteral


Mobile: +52 (229) 306-2304

Phone: +52 (229) 142-9410/11



Liner Cargo

Antonio Gonzalez


OEM Cargo

Tomasz Lis


 Antonio Gonzalez



Booking and Documentation

Mary Exterkamp (*Temporary assistance from US Office)



Operations/Port Captains

Ulises Hernandez and Carlos Renteral