Reliable partner for delivery of rail coaches

rail cargo shipment
DATE 28.01.2022

Rail projects usually have tight delivery times so having a reliable shipping partner is important. With Höegh Autoliners’ experienced team, specialised rail handling equipment, and unbeatable liner service, SARR Freight India was confident they were in safe hands. 

Schedule reliability

When selecting a transport provider, schedule reliability is crucial in ensuring vital cargo arrives on time for a project’s success. SARR Freight India was recently tasked to deliver 36 coaches to Maputo for Mozambique Ports and Railways (CFM) and needed a dependable ocean carrier.

Höegh Autoliners’ global network operates frequent and reliable liner services. Offering fixed schedules means customers can plan their shipments. This minimises their operational and storage costs and provides a predictable delivery time.

Jitesh Palande, Liner Sales India says,

With meticulous planning by our team and fixed monthly sailing from Mumbai to Maputo, we could offer an unbeatable service ensuring the two shipments of coaches arrive on time to meet the project’s tight deadline.

High safety standards

An efficient transport solution is not the only factor that is important when transporting high value cargo. A high safety standard is also critical, and with Höegh Autoliners RoRo solution safe handling and stowage is guaranteed.

Using rolltrailer equipment ensures rail cargo is rolled on and off the vessel. This eliminates the need for high lifting entirely and reduces the risk of damage to the cargo. The high safety standards continue onboard with cargo stored underdeck in ventilated cargo holds. This keeps it safe from elements such as seawater and humidity for the entire sea voyage.

Sunil Kapoor, Director SARR Freight India comments,

With Höegh Autoliners experience in handling rail cargo, as well as its reliable liner service and short transit time, it gave us the confidence that the coaches would be delivered safely and on time.
Maritime Trainee Brage

03 February 2022

Meet Maritime Trainee Brage

Brage Målsnes grew up in Norway and from a young age was interested in learning about the rest of the world. This interest inspired him to choose a career in the international arena of shipping. Joining our team in August as a Maritime Trainee, Brage has spent the past months collaborating with our colleagues worldwide on various projects. 

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