Meet our new Maritime Trainee: Carlo Marasigan

DATE 01.09.2022

When did you first hear about Höegh Autoliners?

“During my first job in Keppel Philippines Marine, Inc. I worked as a Naval Architect and Marine Engineer. At the time, the vessel Hoegh Sydney was in dry dock at our shipyard, and I was really fascinated by the size of the vessel. It made me curious of the technology behind it and Höegh Autoliners as a shipping company.”

Are there any fields within shipping you find especially interesting?

“Ship designing, building and construction really interests me and something I would like to get to know firsthand. I like numerical calculations, and I want to use this ability to explore software and applications capable of modelling and designing ships. Also, I genuinely want to learn more about how shipping is done internationally and in Norway.”

What can you add to the table as a young professional?

“I hope I can contribute with new ideas and solutions, especially within the new building programs. Also, I want to provide support to managers and my team members, I see myself as a dedicated employee.”

What are your expectations of the Maritime Trainee program?

“I look forward to learning about the maritime industry through different focus areas which will be presented at the five academic modules. I hope the program will bring me a deeper understanding of the international shipping industry through a network of different maritime professionals in various fields as a well as a broad overview preparing me for my future career.”

Anything more you want to add?

“Well, so far, my impression is that people at Höegh Autoliners are very open and welcoming. Both William Røed who is also a Maritime Trainee, and my mentor Sondre Nilsen have been extremely helpful and nice to me.”

Next week you can meet William Røed, who also just started as a Maritime Trainee at Höegh Autoliners.

05 September 2022

Meet our new Maritime Trainee: William Røed

William Røed (24) has a master’s degree in shipping, trade, and finance from Bayes Business School in London and a bachelor’s degree in shipping management from Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Ålesund. He just started his career at Höegh Autoliners and looks forward to working in an international environment.

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