Meet our new Maritime Trainee: William Røed

DATE 05.09.2022

When and where did your interest for the shipping industry start?

“Applying for my bachelor’s degree, the shipping industry was quite new to me. Nevertheless, I quickly realized that shipping management was a good fit. It really puts our work into perspective thinking about that 90 percent of all traded goods are shipped.”

Are there any fields you are especially interested in?

“Yes, car shipping stands out for me! I look forward to learning about the market and industry dynamics, my bachelors focused more on bulk and coal, and my masters more so on oil and gas. I like that the car shipping industry consist of few players, and that the competition is tight.”

Why did you choose a career within shipping?

“I enjoy working in an international environment. Seeing how both the culture and the way of doing business differs from country to country is fascinating me.”

How can you contribute as a young trainee?

“Studying finance, I have a deep understanding of how to set up forecasts, calculating what things will cost and so on. I imagine I can contribute to our commercial teams globally, be it Asia, Europe or Americas, due to my educational background. Other than that, I hope I can contribute to the Höegh Autoliners culture.”

Regarding the culture, what is your impression of Höegh Autoliners so far?

“The first thing I noticed is that there is a flat structure where everyone can approach each other, no matter what position you are in. Also, my impression is that the culture is built on trust and supporting each other.”

27 September 2022

Second year in a row: Hoegh Autoliners awarded “Shipping Line of the year - Multipurpose Vessel Operator” in India 

At the prestigious event Maritime And Logistics Awards 2022 (MALA), Höegh Autoliners repeated last year’s impressive achievement and won the award for best shipping line of the year in the category "Multipurpose Vessel Operator". 

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