Höegh provides successful one-stop RoRo solution for Kenya Sugar Mill Project

DATE 03.09.2020

The customer, an Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) contractor in India, handles various projects across the globe and the sugar industry is one of their large markets. The cargoes, a steam turbine and a surface condenser, were critical equipment for the Sugar Mill project, and coordinating their shipment was of the utmost importance.

Two challenges, one-stop solution

The steam turbine is 4.4 metres high and weighs 55.5 metric tonnes while the surface condenser has a height of 4.6 metres and weighs 48.5 metric tonnes. The common challenge with transporting high and heavy cargoes is its dimensions. When transporting project and other out-of-gauge cargoes, it is imperative that the correct measurements are provided so a suitable solution can be provided.

Another challenge was that the shipments also involved different ports of origin. The steam turbine would have to be transported from Kobe to Mombasa and the surface condenser shipped from Mumbai to Mombasa.

Höegh Breakbulk Sales Manager in India Capt. Atuldutt Sharma shares,

Our breakbulk team in Japan and India coordinated with the manufacturers to get the technical details of each of the cargoes. We then provided an operational solution for the safe lashing and stowage in line with Höegh Autoliners’ stringent cargo quality standards.

Using Höegh’s 32 feet Superlow trailers, which are only 0.47 metres high, the steam turbine and surface condenser fit perfectly on to the rolltrailers. The cargoes were safely rolled and loaded on board the vessels in Kobe and Mumbai respectively. Compared to other modes of transportation such as container or LoLo vessels, our RoRo solution offers a safer and more cost-efficient method.

Capt. Atul continues,

By partnering with the customer and manufacturers closely, and through our operational capabilities of managing the project, we were able to provide a one-stop solution that assured the customer of safe and efficient transport, allowing them the flexibility to ship their cargo to Kenya from the comforts of their office in India.

Reliable Project Cargo Carrier

Höegh Autoliners can transport almost any type of cargo whether high, heavy and out-of-gauge, and handling project cargo to different ports of destination globally. Our professional cargo operations team will find the most suitable equipment and way of handling the cargo safely onboard our vessels. Plus, our extensive experience and expertise enables us to successfully manage project cargo efficiently on behalf of our customers, just like the equipment for the sugar mill project in Kenya.

Capt. Atul concludes,

With the capabilities of Höegh Autoliners as a Project Cargo Carrier, we are able to offer reliable, safe and efficient ocean transport solutions for our customers across the globe.

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