RoRo saves the day for large breakbulk shipment amidst Coronavirus pandemic

DATE 11.09.2020

With a deadline to meet, the customer chose Höegh Autoliners for its reliable RoRo liner service and experience in safely handling large breakbulk cargoes.

Reliable ocean transport amidst the pandemic

With road transportation blocked during the Coronavirus pandemic, Höegh’s Europe to Middle East RoRo service offered a reliable alternative to Kuwait.

Ajish Venugopal, Sales Manager in Dubai explains,

Having a reliable liner service with a fixed schedule allows the customer to plan the shipment in advance. This was particularly important for the customer who had numerous breakbulk units that needed to be delivered at the same time, to meet a project deadline.

Cargo handling you can trust

The large shipment consisted of 64 static breakbulk units, with the heaviest unit weighing 60 metric tonnes. To transport non-rolling cargo, Höegh Autoliners has a wide fleet of rolltrailers that cater for various breakbulk dimensions. With all units needing to be shipped together on one vessel, the cargo handling team presented an optimal solution using 17 rolltrailers.

To ensure the sensitive pieces did not move during transportation, they were secured on to the rolltrailer using lashings. Transporting sensitive cargo on rolltrailers means that no high-lifting is involved, as the cargo is rolled on and off the vessel. This reduces the risk of damage to the cargo and ensures a much safer operation.

The transformer and accessories were safely loaded on board Höegh Trader in Sohar ready for its sea voyage to Shuwaih.

RoRo ensures safety all the way

Höegh’s RoRo vessels stow cargo under-deck in ventilated cargo holds. This keeps cargo safe and dry away from seawater and other environmental elements during its ocean transportation.

Ajish shares,

The customer was impressed with the safety and reliability our RoRo solution offered. The successful shipment comes down to the great collaboration between the customer and our experienced cargo handling team.

A representative from Haven Shipping states,

We are very impressed with the service provided, and this shipment was a perfect example of the dedicated focus and level of professionalism and technical expertise provided by Höegh Autoliners.

16 September 2020

Art on the waves with Höegh

Recently Freight Forwarder, Noatum Logistics was entrusted with the delicate task of shipping oversized art from Spain to the United States. They in turn chose Höegh Autoliners for the ocean transportation, due to their reliable handling equipment and expertise in transporting sensitive breakbulk cargo.

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