Höegh breaks record in Ennore; loading longest breakbulk unit on RoRo

DATE 02.08.2019

Sensitive cargo such as windmill blades require white-glove treatment and experienced personnel to perform the operations. This customer chose Höegh’s RoRo services before conventional Lift On Lift Off operations because of its clear benefits for sensitive breakbulk cargo.

When presented with the opportunity to transport the 28 meters long windmill blade from Ennore, India to Shanghai, China, Höegh’s breakbulk team in India was quick to respond.

[imageMacros imageWidth="40" alignment="left" image="7df47009-3659-4711-8bcd-ce62af3361c3"/]Capt. Lester Fernandes, Port Captain, Höegh Autoliners India says:

This was a bold step as no RoRo carrier had handled such long breakbulk cargo from Ennore port before. With careful and meticulous planning of the operation in co-ordination with the customer, we ensured that the cargo was safely loaded and secured on board our vessel.

The shipper had previously used conventional Lift On Lift Off vessels to transport their breakbulk cargo and was positively surprised when Höegh’s Breakbulk sales team presented them with guaranteed underdeck stowage on our RoRo vessels. In addition, the operational risk could be significantly reduced as RoRo require less lifting of the cargo. In this case, the maximum height the cargo needed to be lifted was two meters.

Atuldutt Sharma, Breakbulk Sales Manager, Hoegh Autoliners India explains:

This can be compared to the cargo operations performed with a Lift On Lift Off vessel, where the windmill blade would likely travel a distance of 10 to 12 meters horizontally hanging 15-20 meters above the ground.

Atuldutt continues: “The customised solution provided by Höegh Autoliners coupled with our past experience of handling sensitive and complex breakbulk cargo, and regular liner service with the shortest transit time was exactly what the customer needed for their sensitive cargo."

Reasons the customer chose Höegh Autoliners’ RoRo services for their sensitive and long breakbulk unit:

Operational safety

The windmill blade is only supported by two frames, something that enhances the chances of damage to the cargo when using Lift On Lift Off operation as compared to a RoRo option.

On board Höegh’s RoRo vessels all cargo is secured under deck stowage.

Regular liner service saves storage costs

Höegh Autoliners operates a regular direct monthly service from Ennore to Shanghai and other ports in East and South East Asia which was a perfect fit for this cargo; meeting the customer’s requirement of a short transit time.

A regular liner service provides the customer with a reliable solution; helping them minimise their operational and storage costs and not store their cargo for long in factory or port.

Experienced breakbulk transporter

Hoegh Autoliners is a leading RoRo carrier with expertise in handling a wide variety of breakbulk, project and out-of-gauge cargo globally. We regularly handle shipments of windmill blades across various destinations globally with the longest one being 34 metres long.

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