Höegh breaks another record with giant windmill blade shipment

DATE 28.09.2021

New record broken in Ennore

Transporting such large high-value units is no easy task and it requires white glove treatment and experienced personnel to perform the operations. Having previously broken a record in Ennore transporting a 28 metre long windmill blade, the 35 metre long units set a new record in the port.

Capt. Atuldutt Sharma, Breakbulk Sales Manager explains,

For large sensitive cargoes, such as renewable energy equipment, our team of cargo handling specialists use their technical expertise to develop customised handling and engineering solutions.

An advantage of using RoRo vessels is that it offers less operational risk as minimal lifting of the cargo is required. In this case, the maximum height the cargo needed to be lifted was two meters. The operational safety continues onboard with cargo kept protected underdeck in ventilated cargo holds, away from the environment.

Jitesh Palande, Liner Sales says,

With careful and meticulous planning of the operation in co-ordination with Premier Global Logistics, we ensured that the cargo was safely loaded and secured on board our vessel.

Supply Chain predictability

For OEMs and freight forwarders supplying equipment to meet tight project deadlines it is important they have a reliable ocean transport provider.

Höegh Autoliners’ global network operates frequent and reliable liner services. Offering customers fixed schedules means they can plan shipments and minimise their operational and storage costs. The company’s direct service from Ennore to Masan ensured a timely and predictable option for the customer.

Shanmuga Sankar, Sr, Manager - Projects, Premier Global Logistics says,

We needed a shipping partner that we could depend on. Höegh delivered a safe, fast and cost effective solution, that ensured we met our project deadline.

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