Höegh Autoliners is sailing for sustainability

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DATE 17.06.2022

With our almost 100 years of maritime experience, Höegh Autoliners’ roots are Norwegian, but our perspective is global. And green. Sustainability is very much at the core of our operations.

With our almost 100 years of maritime experience, Höegh Autoliners’ roots are Norwegian, but our perspective is global. And green. Sustainability is very much at the core of our operations.

At Höegh Autoliners we don’t just talk about being green in 10- or 20-years’ time. We act on it. Now.

Every day we focus on reducing the emissions from our existing fleet. Every improvement - also small ones - counts on our path to zero.

Since 2008, we have improved fuel efficiency in our fleet significantly and are well on track to meeting IMO’s 2030 target of 40% improvement.

We are proud of that, but we don't stop there. Höegh Autoliners has a clear ambition to reach net zero by 2040.

That is why we have initiated an extensive green fleet renewal program with the launch of our zero-carbon ready Aurora Class vessel design.

The Aurora Class vessels will be the first in the PCTC segment to receive DNV’s ammonia and methanol ready notations with the main engine provided by MAN and bridge system supplied by Kongsberg.

The vessel’s design includes 1500 square meters of solar panels. In addition, the Aurora will be ready for receiving electric shore power for zero emission operations while vessel is at port.

By being the largest (capacity to carry up to 9,100 cars) and most environmentally friendly car carriers ever to be built, our Aurora newbuilding program is a definitive step in our commitment to a net zero emissions future by 2040.

The Aurora class has been designed with flexibility in mind enabling us to be the first mover to use ammonia as the main fuel as soon as it is available for deep sea operations. The Auroras represent the future of our business and that of our industry.

“We want to be the preferred green partner in deep sea shipping. We are constantly looking for new ways to reduce both our own and our customers’ carbon footprint and this is yet another concrete and decisive step. We are committed to building a more sustainable maritime industry in close collaboration with our partners and customers,” says Höegh Autoliners’ CEO Andreas Enger.

We are looking very much forward to the delivery of the first two Aurora Class vessels in the second half of 2024. And the expected delivery of two more Auroras every six months through to the first half of 2026, eight in total. We retain options for another eight Auroras - all of which will be built by China Merchants Heavy Industry (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. (CMHI).

30 June 2022

Portrait of the Aurora class: Designing the future of the maritime industry

The future is looking both green and bright for Höegh Autoliners with the launch of the new Aurora class vessels design – and the signing of firm contracts for the delivery of the first eight Aurora vessels already by first half of 2026.

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