World’s Largest PCTC transits expanded Panama Canal

9 September 2016

8 September, Höegh Target transited the newly expanded locks of the Panama Canal.

Höegh Target is the world’s largest PCTC with its 8500 car capacity and 71 400 m2 deck area. The vessel is the first Post-Panamax vessel from Höegh Autoliners that passes through the new canal.

The vessel was delivered in 2015 and was the first in a series of six vessels under the New Horizon design. Höegh Autoliners designed these vessels with a larger beam whilst the Panama Canal project was underway.

Steinar Løvdal, Chief Operating Officer – Deep Sea says,

We have anticipated this moment for some time, so it is with great pride we see one of our New Horizon vessels pass the newly expanded Panama Canal. The market for high and heavy cargo out of Asia to the US has grown considerably and with the added flexibility these vessels provide we have been able to utilize the capacity of Höegh Target to its full extent. The expansion of the canal will improve the trade lane in this market and enable us to offer a better service offering to our customers.

Höegh Target began its journey in Japan and is on its way to Mobile, Alabama marking the first time that any New Horizon vessel has sailed in the US.

About the New Horizon vessels
The New Horizon vessels are designed for maximum flexibility, offering 6.5 meters of free deck height, 12 metre ramp width and capacity to take cargo weighting up to 375 tonnes. The 71 400 m2 of deck space is divided over 14 decks, of which five are liftable. This allows for considerable flexibility in types of cargo that can be loaded, and also makes the vessel more efficient. With all internal ramps liftable, there is better utilisation of cargo space.

 * Photos courtesy of Panama Canal Authority


Höegh Target passing Panama Canal courtesy of Panama Canal Authority

Höegh Target passing Panama Canal courtesy of Panama Canal Authority