World Championship yachts travel royal class on Höegh vessels

27 August 2019

When the Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club (RPAYC) arrange the 5.5 meter World Championship 2020; 15 high value yachts need transportation from Europe to Australia. Underdeck stowage and no lifting of the cargo, together with a direct service, made Höegh’s RoRo service the perfect fit for the white glove cargo.

Nicky Colaco, Sales Manager in Australia says,

The key factors for winning the contract was our ability to offer a direct liner service, safe under deck stowage, as well as the team’s experience in handling this type of breakbulk cargo.

Established schedule

Höegh operates a direct and regular liner service from Europe to Australia, with a frequent scheduled timetable. This allows the customer to plan shipments in advance, ensuring the cargo reach its final destination in a timely manner.

Low risk and safe transportation

Another important factor was safeguarding the yachts during its transportation. With the yachts transported on their own cradle, they can be rolled on board Höegh’s Roll On Roll Off (RoRo) vessel. This operation minimises the risk of damage, as is there is need to lift the cargo at both load and discharge port.

Once inside the vessel, the yachts are securely lashed and stowed under deck in dry ventilated cargo holds; keeping them safely away from salt water and humidity during the sea voyage.

Nicky concludes,

We are proud to support the yachting community in the World Championship in Australia. Our RoRo solution was the safest option for transporting their delicate cargo, as we could avoid multiple handling and any transhipment. Safely enclosed inside the vessel, we can guarantee cargo will be protected from sea water and weather, which was an important factor in the customer’s decision.

The yachts will be shipped from Antwerp and Livorno in Europe, to Port Kembla, Australia.

About Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club

RPAYC is to host the 5.5 Metre Class World Championship 2020 during 9-13 January 2020. Prior to this event, they will also host the 100-year old Scandinavian Gold Cup on the 3 January. The events are expected to attract a large fleet from both Australia and overseas and will be sailed on the Palm Beach Circle on Sydney’s beautiful Northern Beaches.