Valuable experience for our people witnessing port operations on Höegh Trotter

24 June 2022

Our five colleagues Haakon Utby, Ninni Kjærstad, Simon Dahl Lunner, Pål Narum and Brage Målsnes recently spent a sunny day at the port of Gothenburg and on our Höegh Trotter. An experience they can use in their work at our Oslo office.

There is nothing like experiencing our vessels and the operations when in port first-hand!

After spending a day at the port of Gothenburg, our five colleagues come back to the Oslo office with new inputs and valuable insights after seeing the professional cargo handling when loading one of our Horizon Class vessels.

We asked them about their day in Sweden. And how they expect to use it in their future work:

Ninni Kjærstad, Trade Planner:
“One of my main tasks is ensuring the vessel is fully loaded with cargo. On a day-to-day basis we keep a close dialogue with the planners of the vessels to ensure optimal utilization. Visiting the vessels and seeing the loading operation is a valuable experience to increase my understanding, giving me better insight on how we optimize cargo stowage. Now, I am able to communicate better with my colleagues to ensure a smoother process from planning to execution.”

Haakon Utby, Strategy Manager:
“Seeing one of our Horizon vessels towering among the container cranes in Gothenburg really puts the dimensions to scale. One of the things I am most impressed about, is how we combine the practical know-how of vessel operations with our commitment to deliver the very best service to our customers.”

At Höegh Autoliners we are what we are because of the people working here. We have a proud history of people developing successful and exciting careers within our company. A history we seek to continue.

We offer a wide range of positions both at sea and on land in an international company with long traditions in the maritime industry.

Back to the Sweden delegation and their experiences on the Höegh Trotter:

Pål Narum, Regional Vessel Operator:
“It is pretty amazing watching the loading of one of our vessels. When the crew and terminal stevedores work together, they show how smoothly they can execute a complex operation. Seeing the physical execution of what we plan in the office has given me a better understanding of the challenges our crew faces on site. Although they are experts in adjusting plans slightly to make things work, I can now implement my new insights to make better plans.”

Brage Målsnes, Regional Vessel Operator and Maritime Trainee:
“It’s astonishing to see the immense size of these vessels live. It truly puts a perspective on how large the operation in each port is and how much coordination is required for a smooth sailing throughout the world.”

Höegh Autoliners currently has six Horizon vessels who can carry up to 8,500 cars and cargo weighing up to 375 metric tonnes, making them the largest PCTC vessels currently sailing the seas.

These majestic 200-meter-long vessels are built on state-of-the-art technology and are 40% more fuel efficient compared to a standard car carrier.