Trains roll across the globe to improve daily commute for Aucklanders

11 December 2019

There are numerous ways to ship rail cargo across the globe; however, Kaleido Ideas & Logistics chose the safety and reliability of Höegh Autoliners’ direct liner service, custom-designed rolltrailers and in-house expertise.

World-leading rail manufacturer Construcciones y Auxiliar de Ferrocarriles (CAF) was commissioned to produce 15 electric trains for the Auckland Metro System, and designated Kaleido Ideas & Logistics as its project cargo forwarder to take the trains to Auckland.

The electric trains are manufactured in CAF’s factory in Beasain, Northern Spain and are transported by truck to the port of Santander, two hours away.

Reliable and quick service

Timing is critical when delivering rail cars to meet a tight project schedule, and Kaleido Ideas & Logistics needed an ocean carrier that could offer a direct and reliable service from Spain to New Zealand.

Iñaki Echeverria, Head of Sales in Spain says, 

With rail projects such as the Auckland Transport Metro, timing is everything. Höegh recently increased its frequency from Europe to Oceania, offering five sailings a month. Having a regular schedule gives the customer the chance to plan ahead, consequently reducing both risk and overall costs.

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Heat treatment for stink bug season

With the electric trains set to arrive in New Zealand during stink bug season, it was essential that the cargo be treated before leaving the port.

Iñaki explains,

Höegh Autoliners takes its responsibilities extremely seriously to ensure that stink bugs are not carried to Australia and New Zealand. Together with the customer, heat treatment of the trains was scheduled and performed at the port 120 hours before its departure to mitigate any risk.

Custom-built equipment

Höegh has transported trains all over the world and over the years developed equipment to ensure its safe transportation.

The custom-built rolltrailers are equipped with integrated rails, and a specially designed bridge transfers the trains from the truck-trailer, directly to the rolltrailer. This means there is no crane lifting in either load or discharge port. The rail cargo is rolled on and off the vessel, making the operation safer and more efficient.

Each train comprises of three sections ranging from 23.29m to 24.66m. Using Höegh’s 80 feet railed rolltrailers, the first train with three units was safely lashed on to the rolltrailer, and loaded on the vessel.

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Safer with RoRo

Iñaki continues,

RoRo vessels offer the safest and most efficient mode of transportation for rail cargo. By transporting the cargo under deck, it is protected from elements such as seawater and humidity, and therefore requires no packing. The expertise in transporting rail cargo, combined with our reliable service were important factors when Kaleido Ideas & Logistics chose us to transport the electric trains for the Auckland metro project.

The first train was safely discharged in Auckland with the remaining 14 trains scheduled to be transported from Santander over the next six months.