Superlow rolltrailer loads breakbulk for Sugar Plant project

9 October 2018

Höegh Autoliners’ reliable, direct service and new equipment was the perfect mix to transport a Turbine from India, for a Sugar Plant project in Saudi Arabia.

Direct, reliable RoRo service

The freight forwarder chose Höegh Autoliners for the ocean transportation because of the direct, reliable connection from Mumbai to Jeddah offered in the India to Europe service.

Furthermore, due to the sensitive nature of the breakbulk cargo, Höegh Autoliners’ RoRo option meant minimal lifting, eliminating the risk of damage during the transportation process.

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New equipment to handle high breakbulk cargo

Höegh Autoliners’ vessels are built to handle a variety of breakbulk cargo, however most vessels in the India to Europe service have a door opening of 5.1m. This posed a challenge as the 54MT Turbine measured 4.51m alone. The solution was to use the new Superlow rolltrailer which has a height of 0.47m and capacity of 75MT.


Atuldutt Sharma, Breakbulk Sales Manager India says,

With the Superlow rolltrailer allowing us to load higher breakbulk cargo than before we can increase the service offering to our customers in the Country.

With the supervision of Höegh Autoliners’ Port Captain, the delicate breakbulk unit was safely loaded on board Höegh St Petersburg and stowed under deck, where it would not be exposed to seawater or weather.

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Continuous equipment innovation

Höegh Autoliners is constantly developing equipment to cater for higher, heavier and longer cargo. Last year, the Extended rolltrailer and Double-wide rolltrailer were developed to transport longer and wider cargo. Now the Superlow rolltrailers are here to cater for higher breakbulk and project cargo.

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Atuldutt continues,

This is the first shipment out of India using the new Superlow rolltrailers. With the shipment, we are able to showcase to our customers our dedicated focus on breakbulk cargo through constant innovations in equipment design.

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