Solar car “Aurum” – the future is here

29 July 2015

It looks like a vehicle from the future but is here; the Aurum. With its sleek new aerobody, and top notch electrical and mechanical systems this fully solar driven car is the pride of its developers; students at the University of Michigan.

Most of us have probably not thought of solar energy as fuel for a car but it is time to re-consider. At the University of Michigan they have worked with developing and building solar cars since 1989. With 5 consecutive National Championships, 8 overall, 5 Top-3 World finishes, and 1 international championship, they  are America's number one solar car team.

When one of the students contacted Höegh Autoliners and asked for sponsorship to transport the Aurum to the annual Bridgestone World Solar Challenge in Australia it did not take long until we granted their wish.

Aurum portrait
“The innovative and future oriented engineering that has gone it to the Aurum fit very well with how we in Höegh Autoliners want to work with ship design. Using the new technology to run vehicles on renewable energy and minimize the environmental footprint is one of the most important developments we can do today. It is refreshing to see how far the team at the University of Michigan have come in this.”

We wish team at the University of Michigan best of luck in their race and that the “Aurum” will indeed be golden this year and win the race!

More about the race team at the University of Michigan.

About World Solar Challenge
The World Solar Challenge is an annual friendly competition where talented teams from all over the world can test their solar vehicles over a 3 000 km distance from Darwin to Adelaide in Australia. This year, the race will take place between 18 and 25 October.