Reliable and competitive service for large breakbulk shipment

1 September 2020

When a customer needed to transport a highly-sophisticated tubular feeding machine from Europe to Asia, they chose Höegh Autoliners due to its reliable and competitive liner service and experience in shipping sensitive breakbulk cargo.

Reliable liner service for project deadline

With the tubular feeding machine needing to be transported for a project deadline, an important element in the F.H. Bertling's choice was finding a shipping company with a reliable schedule.

Dominique Mytanz, Sales Team Germany says,

Our liner service from Europe to Asia, allows F.H. Bertling to plan the shipment in advance, ensuring it reaches its destination in a timely manner. Having a reliable schedule also allows them to deliver the cargo directly to the port eliminating storage cost.

Dependable equipment

Breakbulk cargo comes in various shapes and sizes. To ensure the smooth and safe transportation of this type of cargo, we have developed a wide range of rolltrailers. By rolling cargo on board the vessel, it reduces the risk of damage compared to lifting it.

Due to the dimensions of breakbulk cargo, the cargo handling team determine what type of handling equipment and lashings should be used for the shipment, and if they need to make any modifications to transport the cargo.

With a length of 24.5m and a gross weight of 36 metric tonnes, the unit was stowed with the foundation on squared timber sections and placed on Höegh’s 72-feet rolltrailer. The solution meant the cargo’s weight would be evenly distributed on the rolltrailer, ensuring its stability whilst in transit.

Protected underdeck

The tubular feeding machine was loaded on board the vessel Höegh Trapper and secured underdeck with lashings. With the dry and controlled atmosphere that the RoRo vessel’s underdeck stowage offers, it protects sensitive cargo from environmental factors and seawater.

Dominique confirms,

By using Höegh’s rolltrailer and lashings, the tubular feeding machine’s safe and secure transportation is maintained throughout the entire voyage from Germany to Singapore.