Perfect fit for high breakbulk cargo

8 March 2017

Having a tight deadline to transport a 5.16 metre levelling tool around the world, requires good planning, the right vessel and an experienced cargo handling team.

Recently, Höegh Autoliners in cooperation with our agent Ilomar Agencies in Amsterdam was chosen to provide the ocean transportation of an IHC IQIP levelling tool that needed to be shipped from Singapore to be used in an off-shore project in Europe. Any delays in delivering this high-value unit could postpone the project, creating considerable extra costs.

Aside from Höegh Autoliners’ direct ocean service from Singapore to Antwerp guaranteeing a timely service, the height restriction of the cargo played an important part in the choice of shipping supplier from forwarder L.C. van Tiel. 

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Anil Saini, Area Sales Manager, Höegh Autoliners Thailand says;

The main challenge faced with the cargo was its height. After being placed on a 40’ mafi, the total cargo height was 5.86 metres. To accommodate cargo of this stature, our New Horizon vessels are the perfect fit with their higher door openings, catering for cargo up to 6.5 metres high. In addition, the New Horizon vessels have several liftable decks which allows considerable flexibility in types of cargo that can be loaded on board.

Höegh Autoliners has extensive experience in shipping various breakbulk cargo and consequently have established a global and dedicated breakbulk team to meet any challenges.

Anil continues;

Before accepting the out-of-gauge cargo, Höegh’s expert breakbulk team checked if any special precautions were required before loading. Furthermore, the team provided detailed lashing and stuffing arrangements to the shipper, stevedores and surveyors to ensure that the cargo would be safe during the entire ocean transportation.


breakbulk, high cargo, transportation, hoegh trotter, hoegh autoliners
The cargo was safely discharged from Höegh Trotter in Antwerp six weeks  later. Oskar Orstadius, Head of Global Breakbulk Sales concludes;

The fact that we been selected to carry this unit recognises our capabilities in the breakbulk segment. With our new vessels and equipment in combination with our experienced team we are well suited to handle more opportunities with high, wide, long and heavy cargo.