Over 30 years experience in shipping

28 July 2021

Chief Financial Officer Per Øivind Rosmo has been in Höegh Autoliners since 1988 when he came straight from his master’s degree in Economics at BI Norwegian Business School. With over 30 years experience working in Höegh’s Finance department, he has an in-depth knowledge of the shipping landscape and knows how the company operates. 

A strong company culture

Like many businesses around the world, the corona epidemic hit the company in early 2020. But a dramatic drop in demand at the beginning of the year turned quickly and in the latter part of the year volumes were back. 

When asked what has been most impressive in the corona era, Per Øivind highlights the strong company culture and organisation’s ability to react so quickly. He says,

I know our people and operations very well after so many years in the company. We are a global organisation, and our employees have different forms of housing, family situations and different access to digital infrastructure. Nevertheless, the entire organisation has adapted to a new working life with home office and digital collaboration. Everyone has worked hard, and it has impressed me greatly.

Efforts by our seafarers

It is not only colleagues on land that have shown such committent, it is also the seafarers who have ensured the company deliver on its ocean service. Per Øivind adds,

It has not been easy to be a seafarer during this challenging period. I know many of our colleagues and seeing how our seafarers have had to live with insecurity far away from their families has affected us all. These people have really taken the brunt, but they continue so we can deliver on our service to customers.

Looking ahead

Per Øivind highlights the common management principles and quick decision making as very important for success in challenging times. He explains, 

The company has seen the value of being a fully integrated shipping company that buys little services and rather performs the tasks with its own employees. Quick decision making has been very important. We are close and have demonstrated the strength of this.

Per Øivind believes that the corona era has shown how one can work in a different way. He says,

The pandemic has proved that we can successfully work remotely. I believe there are still advantages of meeting and being together in the office, but more flexibility is coming. Now when things are about to normalise, I look forward to the next step in the development of Höegh Autoliners with the planned IPO and ordering of the new environmentally friendly Aurora vessels.