Navigating the pandemic  

3 September 2021

Oskar Orstadius joined Höegh Autoliners in 2012 and was instrumental in developing our breakbulk business during his role as Head of Breakbulk Sales. He has dedicated his career to International shipping and currently serves as Chief Sales Officer. Taking on the Executive team role during the pandemic, he shares his experience.  

Customer satisfaction at the core 

Oskar has 25 years experience in the PCTC industry working in various operational and commercial roles. He highlights how customer satisfaction and engagement has been at the core of the business during the pandemic.   
When the pandemic hit in 2020, health and safety protocols were put in place to limit the spread of the virus. Höegh’s teams across the globe worked remotely and were unable to meet customers physically. With innovative digital tools, the company was able to continue to engage with customers in a safe manner.  

Oskar says,

Every country is unique with different cultures, values and ways of doing business. One important element that is common across the globe is customer interactions. With colleagues and customers having to work remotely our teams used digital solutions to maintain a level of personal communication and continue engagement with customers. 

Teams and Zoom worked well during the pandemic, however Oskar, like many, misses the personal relationships that are created and strengthened when you meet physically. “I look forward to traveling and meeting customers and colleagues again. There is a big transition from working in Asia where relationships and networks are very important, to working from home office in a suburb of Oslo,” says Oskar. 

Flexibility and inspirational leadership 

The pandemic accelerated the digitalisation of companies and changed the way people viewed remote working.  Oskar says, “With the use of good digital tools we have gained more trust in each other and our employees. Using a home office means something different today than before the pandemic.” 
One of Oskar’s core values is inspiring leadership and this he believes it will become even more important in the time to come. He explains,

There is no doubt that we will be more flexible in the way we work and collaborate, but the working life of the future cannot just be about flexibility. We must have clear values, inspiring leadership, and strong trust throughout the organisation. This I believe will be important not only for our people today, but to attract future candidates.