Meet our new trainees

11 September 2019

Simen and Sondre recently joined Höegh Autoliners as Maritime Trainees. They are part of the Maritime Trainee program, organised by the Norwegian Shipowners Association (Rederiforbundet). Over an 18-month period, the trainees will rotate within our various departments, gaining relevant knowledge and hands-on experience in our global shipping organisation. We welcome them to our Höegh team.

 Meet Simen Njøten

I have always wanted a career in an industry with international opportunities. As the Maritime Industry is international by nature, it was a natural choice. The industry is in an ever-changing environment always adapting to new technologies, market situations and regulations and I want to be part of it. I chose to apply for the Maritime Trainee Program because it seems like the best entry to the Maritime Industry, and it is a program where I get exposure to all sides of the industry. With the five modules in Norway and abroad, the other trainees and I will gain insights and experiences that few others do.

Meet Sondre Nilsen

I decided to choose a career within the maritime Industry because it is an international industry with all types of possibilities all over the world. At the same time, it is always changing because of new regulations, politics and supply and demand changes. The industry is in a huge transition and it is very interesting to be a part of it. I applied for the maritime trainee program for the possibility to work in a company where I will rotate in different departments and gain a deeper understanding of how things work. It is also a great opportunity to widen my network by getting to know young talents in other maritime companies. I look forward to get hands on experience in different departments and really challenge myself outside of what I have actually been studying.