Meet our first female Chinese Officer

25 August 2021

Meet Li Na, our first female Chinese Officer. She has worked her way up from being a cadet to a Third Officer in two years. After graduating from China Jiangsu Vocational and Technical College in 2018, Li Na joined Hoegh Fleet Services China (HFSC).

Why did you choose a profession at sea?

I have been wanting to travel since I was young. After reading classics such as ‘The Old Man and the Sea’, ‘The Daughter of the Sea’ and ‘Moby Dick’, my yearning for travel and sea voyage became stronger. 

How do you feel being the first female officer of Höegh in China?

I am thankful to HFSC for giving me this opportunity. I feel very honoured to be the first female Chinese Officer. I think I have become a role model for other women who are interested to start a career at sea. Becoming a Third Officer is not only a promotion but also an opportunity to grow and gain new experiences. 

What is your message to female seafarers?

I know we often miss our family back home because of the nature of our job. Sometimes we couldn’t attend our family reunion and festivals but let’s continue to work hard. We should look at the positive side of this work because this job offers life experiences that we can treasure.

What is your greatest learning as a seafarer?

Having travelled to more than a dozen countries, I become more aware of the vastness of the outside world, appreciating the greatness of nature and magnificence of the sea. I also learned that unity and cooperation with my colleagues are key to achieving our set goals.

What are the most fascinating things you’ve experienced onboard?

Seeing the rainbow after a heavy downpour would always be my favourite. Also, I won’t forget when a beluga whale swam beside our vessel like an old friend. It also came up for air and produced a spout from its blowhole. It’s amazing to see that in person.