Landing your dream job in shipping

15 August 2018

Oscar Arnoldsen was chosen as one of sixteen Maritime Trainees from a whopping 1 400 applicants when he landed his dream job as a Maritime Trainee in the program provided by the Norwegian Shipowners' Association. This week he starts his trainee period with Höegh Autoliners, at the Company’s Head Office in Oslo.

Holding a Master of Arts in Business and Finance from Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, Scotland and an MSc in Shipping, Trade and Finance from Cass Business School Oscar has a solid theoretical background to stand on. In Höegh Autoliners he starts his Trainee period with the Commercial division and will later rotate between different sections of the Company to gain experience from key activities within global shipping.

What made you choose a career in the Maritime Industry?

I chose a career in the Maritime industry as it is truly global. The industry’s ability to adapt to new market situations, especially through new regulatory statuaries and changes in the competitive environment, makes it highly interesting. Additionally, it is a privilege to work in what is arguably Norway’s most iconic industry and to be part of the transition that it is about to make to handle future developments.

You managed to become one of sixteen select few from a group of 1 400 applicants, do you have any tips for those who want to become a Maritime Trainee in future programs?

Read up on industry fundamentals

First of all, you have to be highly interested in the Maritime Industry. Read up on industry fundamentals and try to learn as much as possible in advance about the company and the position you are applying for, and do not be afraid to ask questions during the interview. 

Expose yourself internationally

Since the industry is truly global, try to expose yourself internationally as much as possible, either by working or studying abroad. I believe my experience from studying five years in the UK, especially the MSc in Shipping, Trade and Finance at Cass Business School allowed me to develop many of the necessary skills needed to become a Maritime Trainee. 

Work your network

During my time in the UK I was able to use English regularly and meet people from all over the world, helping me develop good interpersonal skills, and establish an extensive international network, which is some of the skills I believe helped me land my dream job as a Maritime Trainee in Höegh Autoliners.


Höegh Autoliners has participated in the Maritime Trainee program provided by the Norwegian Shipowners' Association (NSA) since 2005. To learn more about the program, please visit the website: