Kiwi Car Carriers revival

7 March 2011

Kiwi is back.

Due to market conditions and expectations and in order to enhance the KCC entrepreneurial spirit, it has been decided to rename the Auckland company back to Kiwi Car Carriers Ltd, effective 1st April, 2011.

A Kiwi Car Carriers division in Tokyo will be established and these two offices will be dedicated to further develop the Japan - New Zealand - Australia trade and brand.


The Auckland company will be the head quarters and the current NZ team will remain intact while Mr Terry Riches will again assume the role as Managing Director for the KCC operation. The Japan division will report directly to the Auckland head quarters.

Kiwi Car Carriers Ltd remains a wholly owned subsidiary of Höegh Autoliners AS of Oslo.

Further details will be announced prior the re-launch of this entity in early April.

Your continued support will be very much appreciated.

Meanwhile, for any questions, please contact Mr Terry Riches, Mr Jun Kobayashi, Mr Jordi Vollom

Read more about KCC here: Welcome to Kiwi Car Carriers