Höegh Trove - First vessel with OceanSaver Ballast Water Treatment system

22 June 2011

On Monday evening, June 20, 2011, the Oceansaver Ballast Water Treatment (BWT) system was successfully commissioned aboard Höegh Trove.

We are proud to announce Höegh Trove as the first vessel in the world to have an operational OceanSaver system installed. The system has been tested onboard Höegh Trove and a second of our vessels over a longer period, and it is now fully operating onboard Höegh Trove.

In the future all vessels will have BWT systems onboard. Until then we continue to apply ballast water management, where the ballast water is shifted many times during a sailing. This to secure that no species is transferred from one ocean to another.

For more information about OceanSaver: http://www.oceansaver.com/