Höegh Tracer sold for green recycling

14 January 2011

Höegh Tracer is currently on her last voyage and will arrive in the Shanghai area in the beginning of February 2011 - close to her 30 year anniversary.

Her last destination will be Changjiang Ship-breaking Co. up-river from Shanghai.
Maersk Ship Management BV will be responsible for planning and monitoring recycling in accordance with our Green Ship Recycling Specification.
Höegh Autoliners has adopted a Ship Recycling Policy based on the proposed IMO recycling convention (Hong Kong 2009). This ensures that the vessel is recycled in a safe and environmentally friendly way and will be disassembled under controlled conditions within a dock.
Höegh Tracer is the 10th Höegh Autoliners vessel to be recycled in this manner since 2009 and will be the second vessel recycling arranged through Maersk
Overview of Höegh Autoliners vessels subject to green recycling from Januray 2010 and up to now:

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