Höegh Tracer calls Port of Newcastle, Australia

19 August 2020

On 14 August, Höegh Tracer, the world’s largest PCTC vessel called the Port of Newcastle.

This is the second Höegh Autoliners vessel to call the port in the past three months as a response to increased customer requests.

Nicky Colaço, Höegh Autoliners Sales Manager in Australia said,

Port of Newcastle offers customers in the agriculture, mining and construction industry a convenient option to transport cargo closer to destinations in regional NSW and the Hunter Valley.

He adds,

Together with the New Horizon vessel series, with a ramp capacity of 375 metric tonnes, we have brought added confidence to our customers who want to transport their over-dimensional cargo to an accessible location and great facility on the East Coast of Australia.

The New Horizon vessel

The New Horizon vessel is the world’s largest PCTC vessel. These vessels offer up to 6.5 metres of free deck height, 12 metres of ramp width and ramp capacity of 375 MT. With the vessel design together with specially designed cargo handling equipment, we are able to cater for a wider range of cargo, adding greater flexibility to our fleet and thus enhancing the service we offer our customers.

Höegh Tracer discharges cargo in Port of Newcastle

Hoegh Tracer is the second vessel to call Port of Newcastle in three months

Höegh Autoliners' New Horizon vessels cater to a wide range of cargo

The Port of New Castle offers a convenient option to transport cargo in the NSW and Hunter Valley region