Höegh Osaka update

26 January 2015

Discharge is expected to start later today or tomorrow and continue over the next days.

23 January at 15.00 GMT Höegh Osaka was safely delivered back to Höegh Autoliners as owners and the Lloyd’s Open Form with the salvage company was officially terminated.

UK authorities (the MAIB and the MCA) have over the last days performed their inspections and controls of the vessel. The inspections confirm there are only minor damages to the vessel. Before the inspections are completed Höegh Autoliners have not been able to start the discharge operation. We expect the final approval from the authorities today and that the discharge operation can start later today or tomorrow and be completed at the end of this week or early next week.

According to current reports; all cargo, apart from some large units on the main deck, are held by their lashings.  As reported earlier, there has been water ingress to the lower car decks. Due to the list of the vessel, it seems however as only a limited number of vehicles on these decks have been affected by the water ingress

It is still too early to say more about the status of the cargo. Once the vehicles have been landed, proper cargo surveys will take place by the cargo owners and their surveyors.

We will revert when we have more details.


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